The egg house
April 2018

An egg-themed pop up space in New York City. A house full of dreams and fantasies that saves you from this busy city. With six rooms of immersive installations and interactive experience, 

gala restaurant
April 2018

Paying tribute to Beijing street food scene. Celebrating street culture of Beijing. Experiencing recyclable materials, locally sourced. The restaurant located in Lower East Side, New York City. 

"See before you do“
April 2018

Fall 2016, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Starting from one topic, Gentrification. We ran through half of those streets in Bed-stuy, because we'd rather believe in the first-hand information.

  1. Interior

  2. Design

We are experienced in commercial interior design and renovations. Worked with extreme conditions and limited budgets. We specialize in discovering newly-invented material, enhancing your space with technology.   


Visual Branding

Before you have a successful design for you business, the first thing you will be needing is make your company visually presentable. We can certainly help you with that. We know how important it is to stand out among others, we also know how to do that.


Exhibition Design

We helped created the some New York city's best-known frenzies. Tell us your ideas, lets make another one.


Digital Rendering

We provide digital rendering service for We provide digital rendering service for interior design and architecture project. Utilizing modern 3D software to create an immersive image of the space. 


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