GALA Restaurant 旮旯儿

Time: 2017 Summer - 2018 Summer

Location: 92 3rd Ave, Manhattan, New York.

Scope of Work: Branding, Interior Design, Visual Information Design.

The Bathroom Gallery 三急画廊:Initiated and Curated by 3T Studios.

This is a project that we put together with our dear friend, young chef/ entrepreneur Duruo Wang. 2017 Summer, he hit us up with an idea of wanting to open a restaurant that exclusively serve Chinese style barbecue kebab (烤串儿 Kao Chuan) — a popular street food in Beijing. Starting from there, we suggested that we should create an hyper-futuristic space, for us to not only showcasing the street food scene and culture of Beijing, but also to experiment the culinary innovations. The idea of it taking place in a city like New York, makes it even more exciting.


Exterior 室外

The Facade

We fully embraced the idea of boldness from street culture. We want everyone walked by the storefront to look through this giant neon hand, it is the only threshold that connect the pedestrian and what is actually happening inside the interior space. The metal paneled facade, differentiating itself from the entire image of the city block. The wire-meshed awning, contains the lit branding, feels like a free-floating volume, above this huge metal block.

/Facade_Rendering/ 外立面渲染图

/Facade_Rendering/ 外立面渲染图

/Interior_Rendering_01/ 室内渲染图01

/Interior_Rendering_01/ 室内渲染图01

Interior 室内

It is like a time travel journey, you are going way too fast so everything around you becomes linear light lines. This place is totally 4D.



The model trains representing the idea of moving time, the trains constantly going from the beginning to the end, then back to the beginning again. The wall is moving, along with time.



Bold lettering, metallic finishes, chrome counter-top, concrete structures, extremely bright colors.


Semi - Finished Photo