Our Story

3T Studio is a New York-based collaborative design practice established to investigate the boundaries between disciplines. It was founded by Anji Liu and Defu Kong in 2017, shortly after our graduation from Pratt Institute. The name is inspired by Chinese contemporary writer Wang Shuo's The Trouble-shooters, a novel portraying three guys in the early nighties in China, exploring the struggles of reality. We are on our journey to a continuous exploration of what it truly means to be a designer. 


We specializing in interior design, exhibition design, visual branding and social research. We explore the possibility of daily materials, structures and visual languages. 


公司创始人刘安吉与孔德孚毕业于纽约Pratt Institute,2017年毕业后便创立了3T公司。公司致力于探索利用设计结合不同领域。公司的名字来源于王朔的小说,《顽主》。故事讲述了一个三年轻人在北京开了一家“替人排优、替人解难、替人受过”的三T公司,在经济的大浪下学游泳的故事。