Exciting projects that we have been a part of. More to come.


The Egg House 蛋屋

A critically acclaimed “Egg-themed” pop-up, curated and designed by 3T studios. The immersive experience let the patrons embark on a dream journey of Egg Ellis. The pop-up event welcomed over 50,000 visitor through out a 3-months time span. It was covered by over 130 major press, and created a frenzy on social media.


GALA 旮旯儿

A restaurant that we curated and designed. Located in East Village, Manhattan. The idea was to take the street food scene of Beijing, to an indoor space in Lower Manhattan. It is essentially an multi-purpose experiential laboratory, for the New-Yorkers to experience the modern take of Beijing’s street culture.


The Lab of Milk Tea 奶茶实验室

A milk-tea-themed pop-up. This is our first project in Shanghai. The idea is to turn the currently sought-after beverage into a physically intractable space. The sequence contains 3 life-sized Milk-tea bottle, and a fully-equipped lab that allows people to create their own recipes of milk-tea. The space also incorporated AR technology.